”Don’t Give Up On Yourself”

It’s so easy sometimes to keep reflecting on your past and how things didn’t turn out exactly how you would have liked them to but what purpose does that serve. Your past is your past for a reason it’s only purpose is to teach you a lesson, not to break you but to make you a better you. Quite frankly if you asked me would I rather go through life without all of the failures, tears, disappoints, and roller coasters, I would overwhelmingly say Yes of Course. However, if I never go through anything I will never discover my strength, endurance, willingness to get back up when I’ve been knocked down and most importantly you will never discover the true fighter if you never get into the ring.

Life is a journey; so embrace it day by day whether you run, jog, skip, hop, jump, walk, or crawl your way through life just remember that your not the first nor will you be the last to take the journey.